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United States
Illinois State University
Direct democracy, elections, interest groups, public policy
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I am an assistant professor of Political Science at Illinois State University. I received my Ph.D. from Florida State University in May 2014. My research interests are direct democracy, elections, and interest group behavior.

I teach undergraduate courses in Congress, Political Parties, Policy Analysis, Direct Democracy in the U.S., and Campaign Politics.

I’m also interested in data automation – including customized web scraping and text analysis.

Recent Publications

Milita, Kerri. 2015. “Election Laws and Agenda Setting: How Election Law Restrictiveness Shapes the Complexity of State Ballot Measures.” State Politics and Policy Quarterly 15 (2): 119-46.

Milita, Kerri, John Barry Ryan, and Elizabeth Simas. 2014. “Nowhere to Run, Nothing to Hide, or Nothing to Lose: Candidate Position-Taking in Congressional Elections.” Political Behavior 36 (2): 427-49.

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