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Dickinson College
2016 Election, Public Opinion, Political Behavior
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My research interests are in political behavior, campaigns and elections, and public opinion.

Recent Publications
  • Neiheisel, Jacob and Sarah Niebler. 2015. “On the Limits of Persuasion: Campaign Ads and the Structure of Voters’ Interpersonal Discussion Networks.” Political Communication 32(3): 434-452.
  • Urban, Carly and Sarah Niebler. 2014. “Dollars on the Sidewalk: Should U.S. Presidential Candidates Advertise in Uncontested States?” American Journal of Political Science 58(2): 322-336.
  • Neiheisel, Jacob and Sarah Niebler. 2013. “The Use of Party Brand Labels in Congressional Election Campaigns, 1998-2008.” Legislative Studies Quarterly 38(3): 377-403.
  • Wichowsky, Amber and Sarah Niebler. 2010. “Narrow Victories and Hard Games: Revisiting the Primary Divisiveness Hypothesis.” American Politics Research 38(6): 1052-1071.
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