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Bowling Green State University
climate change, national parks, Asian carp, stakeholders, NGOs
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Climate Change

United Nations

National Parks

Environmental Policymaking

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Asian Carp

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Environmental Policymaking and Stakeholder Collaboration: Theory and Practice CRC Group – Taylor and Francis Press – American Society of Public Administration Book Series (2014).

2015 Shannon Orr  and 5 graduate students “Fundraising Challenges for Land Trust Organizations: A National Survey” New Visions for Public Affairs Vol. 7 (April 2015)

2014 Shannon Orr  “So this bear walks into a bar . . . Business and Environmental Policy in Banff National Park” Journal of Contemporary Management Oct. 2014 (pp 12- 26)

2013 Shannon Orr and Nichole Fifer “ The Influence of Problem Definitions on Environmental Policy Change: A Comparative Study of the Yellowstone Wildfires” Policy Studies Journal 41(4)

2012 Shannon Orr  and Rebecca Weis “Mission Rivalry: Use and Preservation Conflicts in National Parks Policy” Public Organization Review 12:85-98

2011 Shannon Orr  “The Private Sector on Public Land – Policy implications of a SWOT Analysis of Banff National Park” Journal of Natural Resources Policy Research

2010 Shannon Orr  “Facilitating Stakeholder Collaboration in Evaluation” American Journal of Evaluation December 2010 vol. 31(4) 557-569

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