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Stanford University
China, censorship, digital technology, government responsiveness
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I study the strategies authoritarian regimes employ to perpetuate their rule, including censorship, redistribution, and responsiveness, and how technology facilitates and hinders these strategies. I focus primarily on China, and use methods of automated content analysis and experiments to measure and examine different components of these strategies.

Recent Publications

Chen, Jidong; Pan, Jennifer; and Yiqing Xu. Forthcoming. “Sources of Authoritarian Responsiveness: A Field Experiment in China.” American Journal of Political Science. (PDF)

Meng, Tianguang; Pan, Jennifer; and Ping Yang. Forthcoming. “Conditional Receptivity to Citizen Participation: Evidence from a Survey Experiment in China.” Comparative Political Studies. (PDF)

Monroe, Burt L.; Pan, Jennifer; Roberts, Margaret E.; Sen, Maya, and Betsy Sinclair. 2015. “No! Formal Theory, Causal Inference, and Big Data Are Not Contradictory Trends in Political Science.” PS: Political Science and Politics. (PDF)

King, Gary, Pan, Jennifer, and Margaret Roberts. 2014. “Reverse-engineering Censorship in China: Randomized Experimentation and Participant Observation.” Science 345, no. 6199: 1-10. (PDF, Supplement, Summary)

King, Gary, Pan, Jennifer, and Margaret Roberts. 2013. “How Censorship in China Allows Government Criticism but Silences Collective Expression.”American Political Science Review 107(2): 1-18. (PDF)

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