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Platas Izama
Stanford University, NYU Abu Dhabi 2016--
education, Islam in Africa, health, Africa, foreign aid
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My research seeks to improve our understanding of the factors underlying global and sub-national variation in governance and human well-being. As such, my work examines the role of governments, civil society, and citizens in providing social services such as health and education. The regional focus of my research is sub-Saharan Africa, where I have spent more than four years working and conducting fieldwork in eight African countries since 2005.

My dissertation explains variation in educational inequalities between Christians and Muslims in Africa, while a set of other research papers and projects cover topics relating to political processes and governance. These projects examine the role of information in promoting bureaucratic and electoral accountability. I employ a wide variety of data sources and research methodologies, including field and survey experiments, ethnography, archival research, GIS, and quantitative analysis of large household surveys.

Recent Publications

2015. “Aid Externalities: Evidence from PEPFAR in Africa” (with Melissa Lee) World Development, 67: 281-294.
2014. “Muslim Education in Africa: Trends and Attitudes Toward Faith-Based Schools,” Review of Faith and International Affairs, 12(2): 38-50. 

Media Coverage

Who’s behind Uganda’s step forward on same-sex rights? (Washington Post, Monkey Cage Blog, 2014)
U.S. foreign policy and Ugandan domestic politics collide (Washington Post, Monkey Cage Blog, with Kim Dionne, 2014)
The Rise of Morality Politics in Africa (Washington Post, Monkey Cage Blog, 2014)

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