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Campaign Advertising, News Media, Partisan Media, Political Communication, Political Psychology, Public Opinion
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Assistant Professor of Political Communication, Kathleen Searles (Ph.D. Washington State University), holds a joint appointment in the Manship School of Mass Communication and the Department of Political Science at Louisiana State University. Her interests include news media, campaign advertising, and political psychology. Specifically, her research examines the content of partisan news, poll coverage, and the influence of emotional appeals in campaign ads. Her recent work focuses on using bio-metrics to better understand the effects of political television ads and direct mail. She has published in Public Opinion Quarterly, Political Research Quarterly, Political Communication, The Journal of Experimental Political Science, and Political Psychology. She currently serves on the editorial board for, “Women Also Know Stuff.”

Recent Publications

Searles, Kathleen, and Kyle Mattes. 2016. “It’s a Mad, Mad World: Using Emotion Inductions in a Survey.” Journal of Experimental Political Science. (gated, ungated)

Strach, Patricia, Katherine Zuber, Erika Franklin Fowler, Travis Ridout and Kathleen Searles. 2015. “In a Different Voice? Explaining the Use of Men and Women as Voiceover Announcers in Political Advertising.” Political Communication(gated, ungated)

Smith, Glen and Kathleen Searles.  2014.  “Who Let the (Attack) Dogs Out?  New Evidence for Partisan Media Effects.”  Public Opinion Quarterly. (gatedungated)

Ridout, Travis and Kathleen Searles.  2011. “It’s my Campaign I’ll Cry if I want to: How and When Campaigns use Emotional Appeals.”  Political Psychology. (gated,ungated)

Media Coverage

Guest Post on Monkey Cage, The Washington Post with Samara Klar, Yanna Krumpnikov, Kim Yi Dionne, Emily Beaulieu, Amber Boydstun, Melissa Michelson, and Christina Wolbrecht: “Here’s a list of smart women political scientists. They know stuff, too.” February 11, 2016.

Research featured in post by Lauren Leatherby at Journalist’s Resources, Shorenstein Center: “Political ads: Analyzing voice-over use.” January 7, 2016.

Research presented in post by Jason Markusoff, MacLean’s: “Guy talk: What are the Conservatives’ latest ads so male-dominated?” September 23, 2015.

Guest Post on Monkey Cage, The Washington Post: “Researchers are rushing to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. Should they?” May 4, 2015.

Guest Post on Wesleyan Media Project: “Voice and Inequality in Political Campaigns.” April 28, 2015.

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