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University of Delaware
reproductive rights, women's rights, gender and sexuality, LGBTQ politics, marriage equality, animal rights
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Political theorist working in the areas of late modern and contemporary theory with an interest in analyzing contemporary political issues.  Primary research interests include LGBTQ politics, animal rights, and gender and racial politics.  Completing a manuscript on the regulation of sexuality by the liberal state including discussions of contemporary debates over reproductive rights and marriage equality.

Recent Publications

(2015) “Domesticating Bodies: Race, species, sex, and citizenship” in Political Theory and the Animal/Human Connection Judith Grant and Vince Jungkunz, eds. SUNY Press.

(2015) “Pleasure, pain, and place: ag-gag, crush videos and animal bodies on display. Critical Animal Geographies. Rosemary Claire-Collard and Katie Gillespie, eds. New York: Routledge.

Rasmussen, Claire (2013). “Screwing with Animals: “ in Andrew Gorman-Murray, Barbara Pini and Lia Bryant, eds. Sexuality, Rurality and Geography. Lexington Press/Rowman & Littlefield.

Rasmussen, Claire (2012). “Are Animal Rights Dead Meat? Reflections on the Law as an Ass” in Southwestern Law Review. 41(2): 253-64.

Keating, Catherine, Claire Rasmussen, and Pooja Rishi (2010) “The Rationality of Empowerment: Microcredit, Primitive Accumulation, and the Gendered Economy.” Signs: a Journal of Women and Culture.

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