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United States
University of Texas at El Paso
judicial politics, courts, rule of law, judicial decision making, judicial behavior, judicial independence, international law, human rights, separation of powers, comparative courts, international courts, regional courts
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My main research interests include the establishment and maintenance of the rule of law, the tensions and interactions between international and domestic law, and the role of courts in democratizing and consolidating countries.

I am also interested in judicial independence, separation of powers, human rights, comparative judicial politics, internationalization and diffusion of laws and norms, supranational courts, and transitional justice.

I am currently focusing on how international law becomes incorporated into domestic law. More specifically, I look at the conditions under which national high courts incorporate human rights laws domestically and the influence of regional court jurisprudence on domestic law.

Recent Publications

1.) Randazzo, Kirk and Rebecca Reid (forthcoming). “Statutory Interpretation and the Chief Justice: Activism or Judicial Discretion?” in The Chief Justice: Appointment and Influence, David J. Danelski and Artemus Ward, eds. University of Michigan Press.

2.) Randazzo, Kirk, Douglas Gibler, and Rebecca Reid (forthcoming). “Examining the Development of Judicial Independence.” Political Research Quarterly.

3.) Reid, Rebecca and Kirk A. Randazzo. 2015. “Statutory Language and the Separation of Powers.” The Justice System Journal. <>.

4.) Songer, Donald R., Miroslava Radieva, and Rebecca Reid. 2016. “Gender Diversity in the Intermediate Appellate Courts of Canada.” The Justice System Journal. < >.

5.) Reid, R. A. and Reid, A. K. 2005. “Route finding by rats in an open arena.” Behavioural Processes, 68, 51-67.

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