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Ohio State University
ethnicity, nationalism, diversity, culture, segregation, gender gaps, gender differences, ethnic politics
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My research focuses on the relationship between culture and politics in Africa. In particular, I study the influence of shared identities (ethnic and national) on interpersonal trust and cooperation, the influence of ethnic geography (e.g., segregation) on political favoritism and intergroup relations,  and how the political mobilization of ethnic identities influences cultural practices and patterns of group identification. I also study the causes and consequences of gender differences in political attitudes and participation across African countries. While my research is often cross-national, I have a particular expertise in Malawian politics.

Recent Publications

Robinson, Amanda Lea. Accepted. Nationalism and Interethnic Trust: Experimental Evidence from an African Border Region. Comparative Political Studies. PDF  SI

Gottlieb, Jessica, Guy Grossman, and Amanda Lea Robinson. Accepted. Do Men and Women Have Different Policy Preferences in Africa? Determinants and Implications of Gender Gaps in Policy Prioritization. British Journal of Political Science. PDF  SI

Adida, Claire A., Karen Ferree, Daniel N. Posner, and Amanda Lea Robinson. Accepted. Who’s Asking? Interviewer Coethnicity Effects in African Survey Data. Comparative Political Studies PDF  SI

Robinson, Amanda Lea. 2014National versus Ethnic Identification in Africa: Modernization, Colonial Legacy, and the Origins of Territorial Nationalism. World Politics 66 (4): 709–746. PDF  SI  Data

Laitin, David D., Joachim Moortgat, and Amanda Lea Robinson. 2012. Geographic Axes and the Persistence of Cultural Diversity. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (26): 10263–10268. PDF  SI  Data

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