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Miami University (OH)
gender, 2016 election, stereotypes, prejudice, ambition, targeting
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I study stereotypes of male and female political candidates and how and whether they affect the electoral prospects of women. I also study prejudice against female candidates.

I am currently interested in women’s political ambition or why so few women run for office.

I am interested in the effects of targeting female voters.

I am passionate about increasing the number of women in academia and mentoring female scholars.

Recent Publications
  1. Schneider, Monica C., Mirya R. Holman, Amanda B. Diekman, and Thomas McAndrew*. “Power, Conflict, and Community: How Gendered Views of Political Power Influence Women’s Political Ambition,” Forthcoming. Political Psycholoy
  2. Holman, Mirya R. Monica C. Schneider and Kristen Pondel. 2015. “The Effects of Gender Targeting in Political Communication.” Political Research Quarterly 68(4): 816-829.
  3. Schneider, Monica C., and Angela L. Bos. 2014. “Measuring Female Politician Stereotypes.” Political Psychology 35 (2): 245-266.
  4. Brown, Elizabeth R., Amanda B. Diekman, and Monica C. Schneider. 2011. “A Change Will Do Us Good: Threats Diminish Typical Preferences for Male Leaders.” Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 37 (7): 930-941.
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