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Social media, genopolitics
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“The Differential Effects of Stress on Voter Turnout,” with Hans J.G. Hassell, forthcoming in Political Psychology

“Political Chameleons: An Exploration of Conformity in Political Discussions,” with Taylor N. Feenstra, forthcoming in Political Behavior

“From Posting to Voting: The Effects of Political Competition on Online Political Engagement” with Robert M. Bond, Lorenzo Coviello, Christopher J. Fariss, James H. Fowler, and Jason J. Jones, forthcoming in Political Science Research and Methods

“A 61-Million-Person Experiment in Social Influence and Political Mobilization,” with Robert M. Bond, Christopher J. Fariss, James H. Fowler, Jason J. Jones, Adam D. I. Kramer, and Cameron Marlow, Nature 489: 295-298 (13 September 2012)

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