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Claremont McKenna College
India as a Rising Power India's International Political Economy India's Political Economy The Politics of HIV AIDS in India and Brazil India and China Comparisons India and Brazil Comparisons Subnational Comparative Method
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My research interests relate to political economy of India, India-China comparisons, international Organizations, and the rise of India as an emerging power.

Recent Publications
  1. BOOK. Sinha, Aseema. Globalizing India: How Global Rules and Markets Are Shaping India’s Rise To Power. In Press, Cambridge University Press, 2016.
  1. JOURNAL ARTICLE. James Nedumpara, Gregory Shaffer, and Aseema Sinha, “State Transformation and the Rise of Lawyers: The WTO, India, and Transnational Legal Ordering,” Law and Society Review, Vol. 49, Issue 3, September 2015. Refereed.
  1. JOURNAL ARTICLE. Aseema Sinha. “Scaling Up: Beyond the Subnational Comparative Method for India,” Studies in Indian Politics, 3 (1), 128-133, June 2015.
  1. BOOK REVIEW. John Harriss, Aseema Sinha, Andrew Wyatt and Sinderpal Singh, “Indian Political Studies: in Search of Distinctiveness,” Review Essay, Pacific Affairs, Vol. 88, No.1, March 2015.
  1. BOOK REVIEW. Aseema Sinha, Review of Rob Jenkins, Loraine Kennedy, and Partha Mukhapadhya, Power, Protest and Special Economic Zones, Oxford University Press, Studies in Indian Politics, 3(1), 136-139.
  1. JOURNAL ARTICLE. Tricia Olsen and Aseema Sinha. “Linkage Politics and the Persistence of National Policy Autonomy in Emerging Powers: Patents, Profits, and Patients in the Context of TRIPS Compliance,” Business and Politics, Volume 15, issue 3, 323-356. Refereed
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