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University of Texas at Austin
European politics, political parties, party leadership, elections, public opinion, representation
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In my research I examine how political parties in European democracies change their policy positions (with a focus on party election manifestos) and organizations (with a special focus on party leadership changes), and how these policy and organizational shifts affect voters’ perceptions of party policy positions, and in turn, parties’ electoral performance.

Recent Publications

“Everything to Everyone: The Electoral Consequences of the Broad-Appeal Strategy in Europe.” American Journal of Political Science 59(4): 841-854 (2015).

“Do Voters Respond to Party Manifestos or to a Wider Information Environment? An Analysis of Mass-elite Linkages on European Integration” (coauthored with James Adams and Lawrence Ezrow) American Journal of Political Science 58(4): 967-978 (2014).

 “Opposition Party Policy Shifts in Response to No-Confidence Motions” (coauthored with Laron Williams) European Journal of Political Research 53(3): 600-616 (2014).

“European Parliamentary Elections and National Party Policy Change.” (coauthored with Michelle Zar) Comparative Political Studies 47: 878-902 (2014).

“Does Collective Responsibility for Performance Alter Party Strategies? Policy-Seeking Parties in Proportional Systems?” (coauthored with James Adams, Lawrence Ezrow, and Samuel Merrill III) British Journal of Political Science 43(1): 1-23 (2013).

“Government versus Opposition at the Polls: How Governing Status Affects the Impact of Policy Positions” (coauthored with Kathleen Bawn) American Journal of Political Science 56(2): 433-446 (2012) (Winner of the 2013 Jack Walker Outstanding Article Award)

“Is Anybody Listening? Evidence that Voters do not Respond to European Parties’ Policy Programmes” (with James Adams and Lawrence Ezrow) American Journal of Political Science 55(2): 370-382 (2011). (Winner of the 2012 American Journal of Political Science Best Article Award)

“Polarization and Political Stability in Multiparty Systems (1945-1998)” (with Zeev Maoz) British Journal of Political Science 40(4): 805-833 (2010).

“Do Parties Adjust Their Policies in Response to Rival Parties’ Policy Shifts? Spatial Theory and the Dynamics of Party Competition in Twenty-Five Postwar Democracies” (with James Adams) British Journal of Political Science 39: 825-846 (2009).

“Moderate Now, Win Votes Later: The Electoral Consequences of Parties’ Policy Shifts in Twenty-Five Postwar Democracies” (with James Adams) Journal of Politics 71(2): 678-692 (2009) (Winner of the 2008 Leon Weaver Best Paper Award).

“Timely Decisions: The Effects of Past National Elections on Party Policy” Journal of Politics 71(1): 238-248 (2009).

“Survival of the Fittest? Cabinet Duration in Post-Communist Europe.” Comparative Politics 40 (3): 313-329 (2008) (with Laron Williams).

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