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United States
Kansas State University
Democracy, Executive-Legislative Relations, Constitutional Reform, Presidents, Latin America, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela
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My research centers on democracy, institutional change, executive-legislative relations, and Latin American politics.

My book manuscript, currently in preparation, examines how presidents with ambitious reform agendas implement them in a democratic context, focusing on the dynamics of one particular mechanism of reform: a Constituent Assembly to rewrite the Constitution. In pursuit of this research, I have conducted fieldwork in Bolivia and Ecuador.

Some of my recent coauthored work analyzes: executive-legislative relations and policy-making, gender and policy-making, public opinion and institutions, as well as institutional change and the expansion of legal rights.

Recent Publications
“Constraining Executive Action: The Role of Legislator Professionalization in Latin America,” (with Sarah Shair-Rosenfield), forthcoming at Governance.
“Trust in government institutions: The effects of performance and participation in the Dominican Republic and Haiti,” (with Sara Niedzwiecki, Jana Morgan, Jonathan Hartlyn, and Rosario Espinal), International Political Science Review, 2016, 37(1): 18-35.
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