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Georgia State University
war crimes, Balkans, international courts, genocide
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My research is on human rights, post-conflict justice, and the Balkans. I have written extensively on truth commissions, war crimes tribunal and post-conflict reconciliation in the former Yugoslavia.

Recent Publications

Subotic, Jelena. 2015. “Truth, justice, and reconciliation on the ground: normative divergence in the Western Balkans.” Journal of International Relations and Development, 18(3).
Subotic, Jelena. 2015. “Out of Eastern Europe: Legacies of violence and the challenge of multiple transitions.” East European Politics and Societies, 29(2).
Subotic, Jelena. 2015. “Narrative, Ontological Security, and Foreign Policy Change.” Foreign Policy Analysis [first view online].
Subotic, Jelena. 2014. “Legitimacy, Scope, and Competing Claims on the ICTY: In the Aftermath of Gotovina, Haradinaj and Perisic.” Journal of Human Rights, 13(2).
Subotic, Jelena. 2013. “Remembrance, Public Narratives, and Obstacles to Justice in the Western Balkans.” Studies in Social Justice, 7(2).

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Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia

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