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Democratization, Authoritarianism, Electoral and Party Politics, Gender and Security Issues in East and Southeast Asia.

Recent Publications

Special Journal Issues

  1. 2016. Guest Editor. “Gender Reforms, Quotas and Women’s Political Representation in Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore”, Pacific Affairs (89:2): forthcoming.
  2. 2015. Guest Editor. Critical Perspectives on “Quotas and Non-Quota Strategies in East Asia.” Politics and Gender 11(01): 171-217.

Journal Articles

  1. 2016. “Gender Reforms, Quotas and Women’s Political Representation in Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore”, Pacific Affairs(89:2): forthcoming.
  2. 2016. “Party Pragmatism and Electoral Incentives: Explaining the Rise of Women Politicians in Singapore”, Pacific Affairs (89:2): forthcoming.
  3. 2015. “Introduction: Quotas and Non-Quota Strategies in East Asia.” Politics & Gender 11 (01): 171–75.   
  4. 2015. “Party Quotas and Rising Women Politicians in Singapore.” Politics & Gender 11 (01): 196–207.
  5. 2014. “The General and Presidential Elections in Singapore 2011.” Electoral Studies 35: 374-8.
  6. 2014. “Ethnic Quotas and Unintended Effects on Women’s Political Representation in Singapore.” International Political Science Review, 35 (1): 27-40.
  7. 2013. “Manipulating Electoral Laws in Singapore.” Electoral Studies, 32 (4):632-643.

Book Chapters

  1. 2016. “Pre-Electoral Manipulation and Its Effects on Singapore’s 2015 GE,” in Voting in Change: Politics of Singapore’s 2015 General Election, edited by Terence Lee and Kevin Tan, 169-190. Singapore: Ethos Book.
  2. 2015. “Institutionalized Hegemonic Party Rule in Singapore.” In Party Institutionalization in Asia: Democracies, Autocracies and the Shadows of the Past, edited by Erik Kuhonta and Allen Hicken, 49-73. New York: Cambridge University Press.
  3. 2014. “Embracing Uncertainty and Democratization in Singapore.” In Democracy in Eastern Asia, edited by Edmund Fung and Steven Drakeley, 181-202. New York: Routledge.
  4. 2014. “Singapore.” In Party Politics in Southeast Asia: Organization, Money and Influence, edited by Wolfgang Sachsenroder. CreateSpace Publishing: 261-285. Also available in Kobo here.
  5. 2004. “Human Security in Southeast Asia: A Gender and Constructivist Perspective.” In Asia in the New Millennium: APISA First Congress 2003, edited by Amitav Acharya and Lee Lai To, 595-627. Singapore: Marshall Cavendish Academic.
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