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Boston College
misinformation, information, learning, fact-checking, motivated reasoning
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My research focuses on political information and misinformation: how citizens learn about politics, how misinformation emerges spreads, and when it affects voters’ attitudes and behavior.

Recent Publications

Thorson, E. (2015). Belief echoes: The persistent effects of corrected misinformation. Political Communication, 1-21.

Thorson, E. (2012). Beyond opinion leaders: How attempts to persuade foster political awareness and campaign learning. Communication Research, 0093650212443824.

Media Coverage

Debunking Donald Trump won’t work if you repeat what he got wrong,” Washington Post.

Why fact-checking Donald Trump backfires,” Slate.

No, China does not hold more than 50 percent of U.S. debt,” Washington Post. 

Belief echoes and Obamacare,” Vox.

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