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University of California, Merced
local politics, urban politics, public goods, inquality
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My research studies the process and quality of representation.  I am particularly focused on the ways in which formal and informal political institutions enhance or limit the ability of residents to achieve responsive government.  My work has sought to understand these topics at the sub-national level, primarily in American cities.  I use a mixed-methods approach to my work, drawing on historical, qualitative, quantitative, and experimental data.


Recent Publications

Trounstine, J.L. (forthcoming). Segregation and Inequality in Public Goods. American Journal of Political Science

Crowder-Meyer, M., Gadarian, S. K., Trounstine, J. L. (2015). Electoral institutions, gender stereotypes, and women’s local representation. Politics, Groups, and Identities, 3(2), 318-334.

Hajnal, Z., Trounstine, J. L. (2014). Identifying and Understanding Perceived Inequities in Local Politics. Political Research Quarterly, 67(1), 56-70.

Trounstine, J. L. (2013). Turnout and Incumbency in Local Elections. Urban Affairs Review, 49(2), 167-189

Rugh, J., Trounstine, J. L. (2011). The Provision of Local Public Goods in Diverse Communities: Analyzing Municipal Bond Elections. Journal of Politics, 73(4), 1038-1050.

Trounstine, J.L. (2008). Political Monopolies in American Cities: The Rise and Fall of Bosses and Reformers, Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

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