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University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
race, ethnicity, identity, Millennials, Black, African American, immigrant, diversity, racial attitude, racism
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I focus on American Politics, with an emphasis on Americans’ political attitudes, behavior, and identity. My research examines the how Americans see and understand their identity and the role their identity plays in their decision making calculus. Second, my research explores the extent to which and the reasons why people support policies aimed to ameliorate racial disparities. My current research agenda examines the nature, structure, and effect of racial attitudes among the Millennial Generation; this research also dovetails with examining talk around “diversity,” diversity initiatives, and cultural competency.

Recent Publications

Black Mosaic: The Politics of Black Pan-Ethnic Diversity. New York: NYU Press. 2014.

“Straddling Identities: Identity Cross-Pressures on Black Immigrants’ Policy Preferences” with  Jurée Capers. Politics, Groups and Identities. 2015.

“Shifting from Structural to Individual Attributions of Black Disadvantage: Age, Period, and Cohort  Effects on Black Explanations of Racial Disparities.” Journal of Black Studies, 45(5), 432- 452, 2014.

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LSE American Politics and Policy Blog (July 2014)


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