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Valparaiso University
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Gender & Politics

Executive-Legislative Relations (comparative)

Gender Equity Policy

International Humanitarian Law

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Atchison, Amy. 2016. “Bringing Women In: Gender Mainstreaming in Introduction to Political Science.” PS: Political Science & Politics (forthcoming)

Atchison, Amy. 2016. “Gender Equality Policy in Comparative Perspective.” Politics, Groups, and Identities 4(1)

Atchison, Amy. 2015. “Innovative Ideas in Civic Engagement across Two and Four Year Colleges.” eJournal of Public Affairs. With Shyam K. Sriram, Elizabeth Bennion, John Forren , Arthur Sanders, and John Theis. 4(3)

Atchison, Amy L. 2015. “The Impact of Female Cabinet Ministers on a Female-Friendly Labor Environment,” Journal of Women and Public Policy 36(4)

Atchison, Amy. 2015. “Will Open Access Get Me Cited? An Analysis of the Efficacy of Open Access Publishing in Political Science.” PS: Political Science & Politics 48(01):129-137. With Jonathan Bull.

Atchison, Amy. 2015. “The Power of Partnership: Exploring International Humanitarian Law in Higher Education.” National Social Science Journal 43(2). With Michaelene Cox, Laurie D Fisher, and Robert Wiltz.

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Advanced industrial democracies

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