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Mary Beth
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United States
New York University
Terrorism, radicalization, disengagement, political violence, political behavior, elections, voting, ethnic conflict, nationalism, civil conflict, international security, foreign policy.
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Mary Beth Altier is an Assistant Professor at NYU’s Center for Global Affairs. She received her Ph.D. in Politics from Princeton University in 2011 and worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the Pennsylvania State University on a U.S. Department of Homeland Security and U.K. government funded project on terrorist disengagement, re-engagement, and recidivism. She also was a postdoctoral researcher on a project on civil war and democratization based at Nuffield College, University of Oxford.

Mary Beth’s research interests are in international security, foreign policy, political violence, and political behavior. Her recent work centers on the reasons why individuals support the use of political violence in developed and developing democracies as well as why they participate in acts of political violence, especially terrorism. She is also interested in the disengagement and rehabilitation of ex-combatants. Mary Beth is preparing a book manuscript based upon her dissertation, which won the 2013 American Political Science Association’s Ernst B. Haas award, and she is also the 2015 recipient of APSA’s Organized Section on European Politics and Society’s Best Paper Award. Her research appears in the Journal of Peace Research, Terrorism and Political Violence, Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, and Journal of Strategic Security.

Recent Publications
  1. Altier, M., Martin, S. and Weinberg, L. Guest eds. (2013). “Violence, Elections, and Party Politics,” Terrorism and Political Violence 25(1): 1-7, 157-159.
  2. Altier, M., Thoroughgood, C., and Horgan, J. (2014) “Turning Away from Terrorism: Lessons from Psychology, Sociology, and Criminology.” Journal of Peace Research 51(5): 647-661. (Reprinted as edited book: Altier, M., Martin, S. and Weinberg, L. Eds. (2013). Violence, Elections, and Party Politics. New York: Rutledge.)
  3. Altier, M., Horgan, J., and Thoroughgood, C. (2012). “In Their Own Words: Analyzing Terrorist Autobiographies.” Journal of Strategic Security 5(4): 85-98.
  4. Horgan, J. and Altier, M. (2012). “The Future of Terrorist De-radicalization Programs,” Georgetown Journal of International Affairs 13(2): 83-89.
  5. Horgan, J., Altier, M., Shortland, N., & Taylor, M. (In press). “Walking Away: The Disengagement of a Violent Right Wing Extremist” Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression. 


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