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University of Kentucky
Women in Politics, Gender and Politics, Women's Representation, Women's Rights, Gender Quotas, Latin America, Gender Gap in Public Opinion, Gender Gap in Political Participation, Gender Equality Policies, Gender Egalitarian Attitudes, Election Law Reform, Electoral Systems, Legislative Behavior
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My research is in the field of Comparative Politics with an emphasis on gender and politics, Latin America, and comparative political institutions.

Recent Publications
  • Barnes, Tiffany D. 2016. Gendering Legislative Behavior: Institutional Constraints and Collaboration. New York: Cambridge University Press.
  • Barnes, Tiffany D. and Abby Córdova. Forthcoming. “Making Space for Women: Explaining Citizen Support for Legislative Gender Quotas in Latin America.” Journal of Politics.
  • Barnes, Tiffany D., Regina Branton and Erin C. Cassese. Forthcoming. “A Re-Examination of Women’s Electoral Success in Open Seat Elections: the Conditioning Effect of Electoral Competition.” Journal of Women, Politics & Policy.
  • Barnes, Tiffany D. 2014. “Women’s Representation and Legislative Committee Appointments: The Case of the Argentine Provinces.” Uruguayan Journal of Political Science [Revista Uruguaya de Ciencia Política] 23 (2): 135-163.Cassese, Erin C.,
  • Tiffany D. Barnes and Regina Branton. 2015. “Racializing Gender: Public Opinion at the Intersection.” Politics & Gender 11 (1): 1-26.
  • Barnes, Tiffany D. and Emily Beaulieu. 2014. “Gender Stereotypes and Corruption: How Candidates Affect Perceptions of Election Fraud.” Politics & Gender 10 (3): 365-391.
  • Barnes, Tiffany D. and Gabriela Rangel. 2014. “Election Law Reform in Chile: The Implementation of Automatic Registration and Voluntary Voting.” Election Law Journal 13 (4): 570-582.
  • Barnes, Tiffany D. and Stephanie Burchard. 2013. “Engendering Politics: The Impact of Descriptive Representation on Women’s Political Engagement in Sub-Saharan Africa.” Comparative Political Studies 47 (7): 767-790.
Media Coverage

My research has been featured in the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage.

My article “Racializing Gender: Public Opinion at the Intersection‬‬‬‬‬‬,” (with Erin Cassese and Regina Branton) explains how and why support for fair pay policies varry depending on the recipient’s race. You can read about it on the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage here.

My article “Gender Stereotypes and Corruption: How Candidates Affect Perceptions of Election Fraud” (with Emily Beaulieu) examines how gender stereotypes shape perceptions of male and female candidates. We find that survey respondents were less likely to suspect female politicians of fraud than male politicians, even when they are allegedly engaged in the same behavior. You can read about it on the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage here.

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Argentina and Chile

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