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Lisa F.
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University of Saskatchewan
food politics, food policy, organic food, food labels, food security, international food assistance, GMOs, agriculture and trade, innovation and technology in the food system, food safety, food governance
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food politics, food and agriculture policy, food safety and labelling, food security, innovation and technology in the food system, food movements, risk perception & governance, public policy and science, international trade regulation

Recent Publications

(2015). The Changing Politics of Organic Food in North America. UK: Edward Elgar.

with Michaela Keet and Camille D. Ryan (2015). ‘Mediating the GM Foods Debate: Lessons from the Enduring Conflict Framework’ Journal of Food Law & Policy, 11(2): 230-51.

(2015). ‘The Current Status of DNA Barcoding Technology for Species Identification in Fish Value Chains’ Food Policy 54: 85-94.

with Jill E. Hobbs (2015). ‘Innovations in Food Assistance Strategies and Therapeutic Food Supply Chains’ in Food Security in an Uncertain World: An International Perspective. UK: Emerald Group Publishing, pp: 111-24.

with Neil Hibbert (2014). ‘Democratic Legitimacy, Risk Governance and GM Foods,’ Social Philosophy Today 30(1): 29-45.

(2013). ‘Framing the Uncertainty of Risk: Models of Governance for Genetically Modified Foods,’ Science and Public Policy 41(1): 479-91.

Media Coverage

(2016). ‘Counterfeit Foods’ Kingkade and Breckenridge. NewsTalk 770 Calgary. April 5.

(2016). ‘Saskatchewan author tracks rise of organic food movement’ by Lorraine Stevenson. OrganicBiz.

(2016).  ‘Organic food politics’ CTV Saskatoon. CTV News at 6. February 15.

(2016). ‘The changing politics of organic food’ Saskatoon Morning CBC Radio One, Saskatchewan, February 16.

(2015). ‘Saskatchewan researchers examine ways to end malnutrition in Ethiopia: Pulse crops might be the answer,’ CBC News Saskatchewan, December 17.

(2015). ‘Food security and Ethiopia’ The Afternoon Edition, CBC Radio One Saskatchewan, December 17.

(2015). ‘Organic food’ Blue Sky, CBC Radio One Saskatchewan, November 5.


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