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University of Mary Washington
Gender and Politics, Political Parties and Interest Groups
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My research focuses on elite political behavior, particularly as it impacts women’s political candidacy within their respective parties. Elite attitudes, from donors to party activists, profoundly shape women’s opportunities to seek and serve in elected office.  Untangling the relationships between these actors is especially relevant in light of the fact that if women are underrepresented as candidates and officeholders, Republican women are acutely underrepresented in comparison to their Democratic counterparts.



Recent Publications

Cooperman, Rosalyn, Melina Patterson, and Jess Rigelhaupt.  Forthcoming, July 2016.  “Race and Revolution: Re-Imagining Women’s Roles in the Struggle for Civil Rights.”  P.S.: Political Science 49(3).

Bradshaw, Samantha and Rosalyn Cooperman.  2011.  “Where Are the Women? Women Candidates and the Virginia Republican Party.” Virginia Social Science Journal, 46(1): 19-38.

Layman, Geoffrey, Thomas Carsey, John C. Green, Richard Herrera, and Rosalyn Cooperman.  2010.  “Activists and Conflict Extension in American Party Politics.”  American Political Science Review, 104(2): 324-46.  Recipient of the 2012 Jack L. Walker Outstanding Article Award, Political Organizations and Parties Section, American Political Science Association.

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