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University of Arizona
political parties, political party resources, political identity, democracy, chavismo, fujimorismo, Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales, MAS (Bolivia) , focus groups
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I study political representation and political movements in Latin America. I am particularly interested in the adaptation and long-term survival of political parties in unstable political systems. I examine why some political parties are able to withstand crisis while others are not. I also study the political movements that have recently emerged throughout Latin America, including  chavismo,  fujimorismo, and uribismo. In particular, I examine these movements from the perspective of those who ardently support these controversial leaders. I ask, for example, who are chavistas? Finally, I study the use of qualitative and mixed-methods research in the social sciences. I ask, how can different qualitative and quantitative methods be fruitfully combined to maximize what we know? I also write about when and how to effectively use focus groups in social science research.

Recent Publications

Jennifer Cyr. Forthcoming. “Between Adaptation and Breakdown: Conceptualizing Party Survival.” Comparative Politics.

Jennifer Cyr. Forthcoming. “The Pitfalls and Promise of Focus Groups as a Data Collection Method.” Sociological Methods and Research.

Jennifer Cyr. 2015. “Making or Breaking Politics: Social Conflicts and Party-System Change in Democratic Bolivia.” Studies in Comparative International Development. 50: 283-303.

Jennifer Cyr and Iñaki Sagarzazu. 2014. “Sistemas de partido multinivel y el colapso del sistema de partidos en Venezuela.” Territorio y Poder: Nuevos actores y competencia política en los sistemas de partidos multinivel en América Latina, Flavia Freidenberg y Julieta Suarez-Cao, eds. Salamanca, España: Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca.

Margarita Batlle and Jennifer Cyr. 2014. “El Sistema de partidos peruano al nivel nacional y subnacional.” Territorio y Poder: Nuevos actores y competencia política en los sistemas de partidos multinivel en América Latina, eds. Flavia Freidenberg y Julieta Suarez-Cao. Salamanca, España: Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca.

Andrew Roberts, Jason Seawright, Jennifer Cyr. 2013. “Do Electoral Laws Affect Women’s Representation?” Comparative Political Studies 46.12: 1555-1581.

Jennifer Cyr. 2013. “Que veinte años no es nada: Hugo Chávez, las elecciones de 2012, y el continuismo político venezolano.” Revista de Ciencia Política 33.1: 375-391.

Jennifer Cyr and James Mahoney. 2011. “The Enduring Influence of Historical Structural Approaches.” Handbook of Latin American Politics, eds. Peter Kingstone and Deborah Yashar. New York: Routledge Press.

Timothy Power and Jennifer Cyr. 2010. “Political Legitimacy in Latin America.” International Social Science Journal 196: 253-272.

Media Coverage

I have been a recent contributor or commentator at: The Monkey Cage; Asuntos del Sur; Poder, Velaverde (Peru); AméricaEconomía (Chile); and ConDistintosAcentos (Spain). I have also been interviewed by local (Arizona) news affiliates.


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Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela

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