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Bauerle Danzmon
Indiana University, Bloomington
Multinational Enterprise, International Trade and Investment Treaties, Investment Promotion, Financial Crises
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My research focuses on two broad questions:

The first considers how firms (both domestic and multinational) develop preferences over investment policies and then how these firms shape national and international politics over investment regulation. This work speaks directly to policy debates around treaties such as TPP and TTIP, as well as concerns that multinational firms get special treatment through things like invest0r-state arbitration and investment incentives.

The second uses network analysis to model the international banking and financial system as a complex adaptive network. This research seeks to better understand the ways in which globalization has linked national financial systems, and how this system performs. A central finding in this research is that U.S. policies powerfully set the conditions for financial booms and busts globally, and that crises that percolate from most other countries cannot transmit through the international financial network. This work helps explain patterns of stock market volatility and banking crisis globally.

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