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United States
Bentley University
democracy, parliamentary government, political parties, territorial politics, democratization, Spain
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Her research interests center on political parties and political institutions in transitional and institutionalized democracies in Europe and Latin America. She investigates minority governments, parliamentary regimes, interparty politics in parliament, intraparty processes of candidate selection, and regime democratization.

Recent Publications

Bonnie N. Field. 2016. Why Minority Governments Work: Multilevel Territorial Politics in Spain (New York: Palgrave Macmillan).

Bonnie N. Field and Kerstin Hamann. 2015. “Framing Legislative Bills in Parliament: Regional-Nationalist Parties’ Strategies in Spain’s Multinational Democracy,” Party Politics 21.6 (November): 900-911.

Bonnie N. Field. March 2015. “The Evolution of Sub-State Nationalist Parties as Statewide Parliamentary Actors: CiU and PNV in Spain,” Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, 21.1, pp. 121-41.

Bonnie N. Field. 2015. “How the next Spanish government might be formed after Spain’s election,” London School of Economics and Political Science, European Politics and Policy (EUROPP) Blog, December 19.

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