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Ulrike Esther
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University of Oxford
Drones, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Remotely Piloted Aerial Vehicles, Technology and War, Revolution in Military Affairs, Killer Robots, German Defense Policy, European Defense Policy, EU, Brexit
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Ulrike Esther Franke is a doctoral candidate in International Relations at the University of Oxford. In her work Ulrike focuses on the military implications of the increasing use of Robots and Drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) by Western armed forces, and the Revolution in Military Affairs.

Ulrike was a member of UN Special Rapporteur on human rights and counter-terrorism Ben Emmerson’s research team, working on drone use in counterterrorism contexts.

She works part-time at the European Council on Foreign Relations in London, mainly on questions relating to Brexit and EU politics.

Recent Publications

Franke, Ulrike E., “The global diffusion of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or ‘drones‘“, in: Aaronson et al (ed.) Precision-Strike Capabilities and International Intervention, Routledge, 2015

Franke, Ulrike E., “Drones, Drone Strikes, and US-policy. The politics of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles,” US War College Quarterly, Parameters, 44.1, Spring 2014

Franke, Ulrike E., “Drone Proliferation: A Cause for Concern?”, International Relation and Security Network (ISN), ETH Zurich, 13 November 2014,

Franke, Ulrike E., “The Flawed German Debate on Armed Drone Acquisition: “What Does This Have to Do with Our Procurement Plans, for God’s Sake?”, ISN, 20 June 2014,

Franke, Ulrike E., “U.S. Drones are from Mars, Euro Drones are from Venus”, War on the Rocks, 19 May 2014,

Franke, Ulrike E., Which Drone Suits Me Best? Germany’s Difficult Decision to Procure an Armed ‘Unmanned Aerial Vehicle’“, Zeitschrift für Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik,4, Oct. 2013

Franke, Ulrike E., “Verbreitung von unbemannten Flugzeuge für den militärischen Gebrauch“, Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte (APuZ), 37/2013

Franke, Ulrike E., “Drone Wars”, Commentary and Reply, US War College Quarterly, Parameters, 2

Franke, Ulrike E. “A tale of stumbling blocks and road bumps –Germany’s (non-) Revolution in Military Affairs,“ Comparative Strategy, 31.4

Franke, Ulrike E., “The Five Most Common Media Misrepresentations of UAVs”, in: Michael Aaronson and Adrian Johnson (ed.) Whitehall Report 2-13, RUSI, March 2013

Media Coverage

BBC News live interview, quotes in print publications (Handelszeitung, Welt), Radio Podcast for European Council on Foreign Relations

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UK, Germany, US

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