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United Kingdom
University of Nottingham
Military intervention, foreign policy, European Union, Africa, realism, eurocentrism, International Criminal Court, trade, development
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Catherine Gegout works on international relations theories and European politics, with a focus on European foreign and security policies. More recently, her attention has focused upon European military and economic intervention in Africa, and the role of the International Criminal Court.

For more details on her research, see, and her blog

Recent Publications


European Foreign and Security Policy: States, Power, Institutions and American Hegemony, University of Toronto Press, 2010.



‘The International Criminal Court: Limits, Potential and Conditions for the Promotion of Justice and Peace’, Third World Quarterly, Vol. 34, n. 5, June 2013, pp. 800-818.

Le retrait de l’Europe et la montée en puissance de la Chine en Afrique. Une évaluation des approches réalistes, libérales et constructivistes’ for the Special Issue ‘The EU in the New Balance of Powers’, Politique Européenne, No. 39, June 2013, pp. 44-75.

‘EU Conflict Management in Africa: The Limits of an International Actor, Ethnopolitics, Special Issue on EU Conflict Management, Vol. 8, n. 3-4, September-November 2009, pp. 403-416.

‘The West, Realism and Intervention in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (1996–2006), International Peacekeeping, Vol. 16, n. 2, April 2009, pp. 231-244.


Media Coverage
Find her short articles (over 90,000 views) in The Huffington Post Italia on Giulio Regeni, l’Egitto e il silenzio assordante dell’Europa (February 2016), and in  The Conversation on:
President Nkurunziza of Burundi still has a choice: war criminal orpeace bringer? (January 2016)
– Nigeria:matters of urgency in 2015: the year in elections (January 2016)
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European Union, France, Italy

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