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Hamilton Edwards
United States
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Managing public organizations, strategic management, strategic planning, public performance, race in public management
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My research is motivated by how public and nonprofit organizations work best, as well as how these organizations can improve. I am most interested in the ways local governments can utilize strategic management and planning to better plan for the future with an emphasis on remaining flexible. Additionally, how can organizations include the public in these processes so that government can learn from citizens?

Increasingly, I am also interested in the role of race in public management. As a field we talk about internal management but little about managing outwards. How does implementation of policies impact those of different races? Specifically, how does policing strategies like community policing or broken windows policing impact minority communities?

Recent Publications

Hamilton Edwards, Lauren, Theodore H. Poister, and Obed Pasha. (2015). Operationalizing Strategy Content: An Example from the Transit Industry. International Journal of Public Administration. Accepted for Publication.

Pasha, Obed, Theodore H. Poister, and Lauren Hamilton Edwards. (2015). Mutual Relationship of Strategic Stances and Formulation Methods and their impacts on Performance in Public Local Transit Agencies. Administration & Society, published online.

Poister, Theodore H., Obed Pasha, and Lauren Hamilton Edwards. (2013) Does Performance Measurement Lead to Better Outcomes? Evidence from the U.S. Public Transit Industry. Public Administration Review, 73(4), 625-636.

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