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Lesley University (Cambridge, MA); Brown University (Providence, RI)
US-Iran, US-Iran politics, Iranian security politics, nuclear agreement, conflict resolution Iran, 2016 election, 2016 election learning activities, 2016 election youth engagement, 2016 election media literacy, youth vote, common ground, peacemaking, military conflict
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Iran’s Foreign Policy and US-Iran Security Challenges

  • understanding the internal politics behind foreign policy with particular attention to Iran and the US;
  • the role in foreign policy of perception and misperception.

Conflict Resolution and Negotiation in the Middle East

I participate directly in a series of hands-on negotiation projects centered on the Middle East. I am on the Executive Committee on the Board of Directors of Search for Common Ground the international peacemaking NGO. I work with the US Army to advocate for mutual threat reduction with Iran.

Teaching Political Literacy and Engagement

I created a civics literacy project for pre-voters called designed to teach empowerment to participate in American political life. If students get engaged early they are more likely to vote when eligible. Since the presidential election of 2004, materials have been downloaded by teachers in every US state. The project will produce its 4th edition for the 2016 Presidential contest. Activities include learning how to “spin” campaign content and students creating their own polls.

Recent Publications

“Democracy in America’s Backyard,” Common Ground News Service, October 2012. Re-published Pakistan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, France, England, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, and Morocco. Translated into Arabic, French, Urdu and for Indonesia.

“Why Growing Voters Matters: The Need for Engaging Civics Instruction” in Learning and Leading with Technology, ISTE, Summer 2008.

Choices Program, Scholars Online: Iran. Jo-Anne Hart two dozen online digital video explanations. Online at Brown University’s website:

“Percepciones y Cursos de Acciόn con Respecto a IrÁn.”(translated) Hispano American Military Review, February, 2006.

ناريا هاجت لمعلا تاراسمو تاروصت“ ” (Perceptions of Iran), (translated) Arabic Military Review
ال ط ب عة ال عرب ية  6002

“PercepÇÕes e Linhas-de-AÇao para o Irã” (translated) Brazilian Military Review, 2006.

“Perceptions and Courses of Action Towards Iran,” Military Review, Sept/October 2005.

Media Coverage

Live interview on Hardball with Chris Matthews debate with John Bolton on US policy towards Iran

Quoted in London Financial Times and Wall Street Journal

Live Boston Fox News on Internet Privacy

Boston Fox News interview on ISIS project on AP wire story

CBS San Francisco live radio interview on Iran

Pacifica radio rebroadcast of my Human Rights Watch lecture on war with Iraq

Boston News 25 live TV interview on US invasion of Iraq

Op-eds in Global Post and Providence Journal

Common Ground News Service article reprinted in a dozen countries

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