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University of Oklahoma
higher education, accountability, college, public sector
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I have two central research interests. The first focuses on higher education policy, and I have published work on issues related to accountability, student success, access, diversity, and affordability. My second area of interest is public administration, as it relates to public management and accountability efforts.

Recent Publications

Hillman, Nicholas, David A. Tandberg, and Alisa Hicklin Fryar. 2015. “Evaluating the Impacts of ‘New’ Performance Funding in Higher Education.” Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis. 37(4): 501-519.

Fryar, Alisa Hicklin. 2014. “The Comprehensive University: How It Came to be and What It is Now.” The University Next Door: What is a Comprehensive University, Who Does it Educate, and Can it Survive?. Edited by Mark Schneider and KC Deane. New York: Teachers College Press.

Rocha, Rene R., Daniel P. Hawes, and Alisa Hicklin Fryar. 2014. “Policy Climates, Enforcement Rates, and Migrant Behavior: Is Self-Deportation a Viable Immigration Policy?” Policy Studies Journal. 42(1): 79-100.

Fryar, Alisa Hicklin. 2012. “What is Privatization?” Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research. Springer Press.

Lowry, Robert C. and Alisa Hicklin Fryar. 2012. “Politics of Higher Education.” Politics in the American States: A Comparative Analysis. Edited by Virginia Gray and Russell Hanson. CQ Press.

Hicklin, Alisa and Daniel Hawes. 2012. “Explaining Shifts in College Enrollments: What Affects the Racial Composition of the Student Body and the Faculty?” Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory. 22(1): 83-99.

Media Coverage
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  2. Selingo, Jeffrey. “Regional Public Colleges – the ‘Middle Children’ of Higher Education – Struggle to Survive.” Washington Post. February 9, 2015.
  3. Fain, Paul. “Funding Formula Fracas” Inside Higher Ed. January 14, 2015.
  4. Mangan, Katherine. “More States Tie Money to Colleges’ Performance, but that May Not Work.” Chronicle of Higher Education. January 14, 2015.
  5. Bidwell, Allie. “Report: Performance Funding Might Not Help Students.” US News & World Report. January 14, 2015.
  6. Blankinship, Donna Gordon. “Study: Lack of Success For College Performance Incentives.” Associated Press, appeared in multiple outlets. January 14, 2015.
  7. Adams, Caralee. “Rise in Short-Term Certificates Linked to Accountability Changes for Colleges.” Education Week Blog. January 14, 2015.
  8. Supiano, Becky and Kelly Field. “Paying for College: Experts Gather in Search of New Models.” Chronicle of Higher Education. April 15, 2014.
  9. Troop, Don. “Public Colleges Struggle for Ways to Evolve Amid Competing Demands.” Chronicle of Higher Education. April 7, 2014.
  10. Selingo, Jeffrey. “From Tennessee, a Solution for Mission Creep.” Chronicle of Higher Education. February 17, 2014.


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