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University of Delaware
political communication, 2016 election, technology and politics, social media, political participation, public opinion, perceptions of public opinion, Media coverage of politics, debates, Black Lives Matter, race and diversity, gender, political knowledge
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  • Research centers around political communication, including how people use and process political information as well as the effects of such use, and how politicians manage media.
  • Specific research Interests include (a) media technology and politics, including how people use new media to get involved politically and (b) public opinion, specifically how perceptions of public opinion influence attitudes, thinking, and behaviors, and political entertainment, such as the effects of viewing programs like “The Daily Show” on knowledge and political participation.
  • Regular contributor to the Huffington Post.  In addition to her own thoughts, Hoffman also posts entries written by her students to empower them and give voice to their thoughts.
Recent Publications

Hoffman, L. H., & Schechter, A. (in press). Technical Skills Required: How Technological Efficacy Influences Online Political Behavior. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media.

Brewer, P. R., Habegger, M., Harrington, R., Hoffman, L. H., Jones, P. E., & Lambe, J. L. (2015). Interactivity between Candidates and Citizens on a Social Networking Site: Effects on Perceptions and Vote Intentions. Journal of Experimental Political Science. doi: 10.1017/XPS.2014.2

Hoffman, L. H., & Fang, H. (2014). Quantifying Political Behavior on Mobile Devices over Time: A User Evaluation Study. Journal of Information Technology & Politics, 11(4), 435-445.

Brewer, P., Hoffman, L. H., Harrington, R., Jones, P. E., Lambe, J. (2014). Public Perceptions Regarding the Authenticity of the 2012 Presidential Candidates. Presidential Studies Quarterly, 44(4), 742-757.

Hoffman, L. H., Jones, P. E., & Young, D. G. (2013). Does My Comment Count? Perceptions of Political Participation in an Online Environment. Computers in Human Behavior, 29(6), 2248–2256.

Hoffman, L. H. (2013). Political Interviews: Examining Perceived Media Bias and Effects across TV Entertainment Formats. International Journal of Communication, 7, 471-488.

Hoffman, L. H (2012). Political Knowledge. In Oxford Bibliographies Online. DOI: 10.1093/obo/9780199756841-0098

Hoffman, L. H. (2012). Participation or Communication? Political Activity in the Internet Age. Journal of Information Technology and Politics, 9, 217-273.

Hoffman, L. H. (2012). When the World Outside Gets Inside Your Head: The Effects of Media Context on Perceptions of Public Opinion. Communication Research. doi:10.1177/0093650211435938.

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