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American River College
Women's rights, women legislators, the women's movement, women's suffrage, 2016 election
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Women in Congress

The three waves of the Women’s Movement in the US

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Women in Global Politics

Elections/Direct Democracy

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Participation and Protest: Women and Politics in a Global World. Co-authored with Sarah Henderson (50%). 2014, 2010, 2007. Oxford University Press.

Political Women: The Women’s Movement, Political Institutions and the Battle for Woman Suffrage and the ERA. 2004. Routledge Press.

Articles and Chapters.

“Incumbent Gender and Electoral Safety in Local Races.” Co-authored with Ted Lascher. California Politics and Policy 10 (November 2011): 1-16.

“The Ins and Outs of Obtaining a Book Contract.” Co-authored with Julie Dolan. PS: Political Science and Politics October 2005.

“Local Government in Oregon.” Oregon State and Local Politics. Fall 2005. University of Nebraska Press.

“Are Women Effective Legislators? Evidence from the U.S. House in the 103d –105th Congresses” co-authored with Andrew Taylor, NC State University. Political Research Quarterly 56 (March 2003): pp19-27.

“Public Attitudes Towards the Initiative Process in Oregon.” Co-authored with Brent Steel. State and Local Government Review 34 (Fall 2002): 173-182.

“The Impact of Presidential Activism on the Lobbying Efforts of the Woman Suffrage Movement.” White House Studies 2 (Fall 2002): 271-286.

“Social Movements, Political Elites and Political Opportunity Structures: the Case of the Woman’s Suffrage Movement from 1890-1920” Congress and the Presidency 27 (Spring 2000): 15-40.

“A Comparative Analysis of State Lobbying Laws” Co-authored with Blair Horner and Russ Haven, Comparative State Politics 20 (April 1999): 31-46.

“Using Presidential Election Returns to Measure Constituency Ideology.” Co-authored with William LeoGrande, American Politics Quarterly 25 (January 1997): 3-18.

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