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University of Colorado Denver
global norms, humanitarian intervention, civilian immunity norm, targeted killing, human rights, civilians in war, armed conflict, international humanitarian law, protection of civilians
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Human Rights

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Civilians in War

Recent Publications
  • “When Hospitals are Targets,” Foreign Affairs.
  • “Understanding Why and How Civilians Resort to Self-Protection in Armed Conflict,” with Peace Medie. International Studies Review
  • “Would the Protected Please Stand Up? Historical Ambiguity in the Distinction Principle,” in Lorenz, Edward C., Dana E. Aspinall, and J. Michael Raley (eds.), Montesinos’ Legacy: Defining and Defending Human Rights for 500 Years, Lexington Publishing
  • “The Trouble with Targeted Killing,” Foreign Affairs,
  • “Civilians vs. Chemicals,” Foreign Affairs,
  • “Transnational Issue Networks in Real and Virtual Space: the Case of Women, Peace and Security,” with Charli Carpenter.  Global Networks



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Syria, Russia

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