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United States
George Mason University
Social Democracy, Welfare States, social policy, comparative politics, devolution
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My research interests and expertise include the following topics:

  1. comparative politics, welfare states, and social policies: I seek to understand similarities and differences across political systems. However, in my research, I capture similarities and differences across different types of welfare systems (mainly between European countries and the US).

2. comparative federalism: I am very interested in exploring how different levels of government relate to one another.  I have done  research on the cases of Italy, Spain, the UK, Germany, Belgium, and the US.

3. non-binding regulations: I am especially interested in the following question: do non-binding regulations launched by international organizations have any effect on states?

4. finally, I have a solid understanding of European Union politics and institutions.

Recent Publications


Reconfiguring the Governance of Welfare States in the United States and Europe: Finding a Balance between Subnational Flexibility and National Standardization in the Activation Era. 2015. (SUNY Press).

Peer Reviewed Journals and Book Chapters

“Intergovernmental and Intra-governmental Solutions to the Unemployment Problem: Reconfiguring the Architecture of Active Welfare States in Europe.” 2015. In Bianculli, A. and Hoffmann, A. (eds.) Regional Organizations and Social Policy in Latin America and Europe: A Space for Social Citizenship? (Development, Justice and Citizenship Series: Palgrave Macmillan).

“Decentralising the Active Welfare State: The Relevance of Intergovernmental Structures in Italy and Spain” (with Rossella Moyer). 2012. Journal of Social Policy 41 (4):769-788.

“Having a Say and Acting: Assessing the effectiveness of the European Employment Strategy as an intra- governmental coordinative instrument.” 2009. European Integration Online Papers, Special Issue 1 (13).

“Soft Europeanization?: The Differential Influence of the European Employment Strategy in Belgium, Spain, and Sweden.” 2009. In Heidenreich, M. and Zeitlin, J. (eds.) Changing European Employment and Welfare Regimes: The Influence of the Open Method of Coordination on National Reforms (Studies on the Political Economy of Welfare, Routledge).

“La ‘Internalización’ de la Estrategia Europea de Empleo en España,” (“The Internalization of the European Employment Strategy in Spain”). 2007. Revista Española de Derecho Europeo (Spanish Journal of European Law) 21: 57-87.

“The Domestic Implications of European Soft Law: Framing and Transmitting Change in Employment Policy.” 2006. Journal of European Public Policy 13 (4): 481-499.


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Spain, Italy, European Union

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