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Stanford University
Latin America, governance, state capacity, political economy, corruption
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“State Capacity, Bureaucratic Politicization, and Corruption in the Brazilian State” (with Sérgio Praça and Matthew M. Taylor). Governance, forthcoming.

“The Merits of Problem-Solving over Powering: Governance Reform in Brazil and Argentina” Comparative Politics, 48 (2): 205-225 (2016).

“Measuring Governance: Implications of Conceptual Choices” (with Sandra Botero) European Journal of Development Research 26 (1): 124-141 (2014).

“Identifying Transparency” (with Robert G. Michener) Information Polity 18 (3): 233-242 (2013).

“Bureaucratic Capacity and Political Autonomy Within National States: Mapping the Archipelago of Excellence in Brazil” (with Sérgio Praça and Matthew M. Taylor). Forthcoming. States in the Developing World, edited by Miguel Angel Centeno, Atul Kohli and Deborah Yashar, Cambridge University Press.

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