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Oberlin College
armed forces, Latin America, civil-military relations, defense, military entrepreneurship
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My research bridges the conventional political science fields of international politics (politics at the regional and global level) and comparative politics (politics at the domestic level).  I focus on the military and security issues in Latin America.  My research has two main strands.

One strand centers on civilian-military relations, in particular the role of the military in Latin American democracies, and the ability of civilian governments to establish control over the armed forces and undertake reforms appropriate for missions in 21st century democracies.

The other strand involves international security relations in Latin America, and how these are impacted by global as well as national political processes.

I am currently writing a book on Latin American militaries that have become influential economic actors.

Recent Publications

“Political Learning through a Transgovernmental Network:  Resolving the Argentine-Chilean Border Dispute during the 1990s,” in American Crossings: Border Politics in the Western Hemisphere, edited by Maiah Jaskoski, Arturo C. Sotomayor, and Harold A. Trinkunas. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2015.

“Diverse Markets for Force in Latin America: from Argentina to Guatemala,” in The Markets for Force:  Privatization and Security Across World Regions, edited by Molly Dunigan and Ulrich Petersohn. University of Pennsylvania Press, 2015.

“The Argentine Military in Democracy:  Moving Beyond Issues of Civilian Control to a Citizen Soldier Paradigm,” CMI Working Paper 2015:07.  Christian Michelsen Institute, Bergen, Norway, May 2015. Internal peer review.

“Peacekeeping Contributor Profile: Chile,” Providing for Peacekeeping Project.  September 2013.

“Presupuestos de defensa: cómo analizar la economía política de la seguridad,” in Atlas Comparativo de la Defensa en América Latina y Caribe, edición 2012. RESDAL, Buenos Aires, Argentina, September 2012. English version available at

“Beyond the Pay: Current Illicit Activities of the Armed Forces in Central America.” Western Hemisphere Security Analysis Center, Applied Research Center, Florida International University, September 2011.

“Innovating from the War Economy: Formal, Informal and Illicit Economic Activities of the Military in Colombia.” Western Hemisphere Security Analysis Center, Applied Research Center, Florida International University, September 2011.

“Military Entrepreneurs:  Patterns in Latin America,” Latin American Politics and Society 53:3 (Fall 2011), 25-55.

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Argentina, Chile.

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