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Dickinson College
political representation, gender and politics, lobbying, interest groups, intersectionality
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I am broadly interested in how identities like race, class, gender, sexuality, and disability are treated in politics. More specifically, I examine how activism around these identities shapes public policy and how interest groups affect the policy process.

Recent Publications

Marchetti, Kathleen. 2015. “Consider the Context: How State Policy Environments Shape Interest Group Advocacy.” State and Local Government Review, Vol. 47 (3): 155-169.

Hojnacki, Marie, Kathleen Marchetti, Frank Baumgartner, Jerey Berry, David Kimball, and Beth Leech. 2015. “Assessing Business Advantage in Washington Lobbying.” Interest Groups & Advo-
cacy, Vol. 4 (3): 205-224.

Marchetti, Kathleen. 2015. “The Use of Surveys in Interest Group Research.” Interest Groups & Advocacy, Vol 4 (3): 272-282.

Marchetti, Kathleen. 2014. “Crossing the Intersection: The Representation of Disadvantaged Identities in Advocacy.” Politics, Groups and Identities, Vol. 2 (1): 104-119.

Media Coverage

“How interest group advocacy is shaped by state policy environments.” Kathleen Marchetti. 2015.
United States Politics and Policy Blog (USAPP), London School of Economics.

“Business doesn’t always get its way.” 2015. Marie Hojnacki, Jeffrey Berry, Beth Leech, and Kathleen Marchetti. Monkey Cage Blog, Washington Post.

“How Influential is Business in Washington?” Heath Brown. The Hill.

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