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USA / Italy
Sais Johns Hopkins / Rome Tor Vergata
European and American Foreign Policy, Transatlantic Relations, International Politics, EU Institutions and Governance, American Government, Comparative Politics, Government and Public Administration, Italian Politics, Contemporary History, Women Leadership, Gender Equality, International Education, Public Diplomacy, Cultural Diplomacy, European Union
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European and American Foreign Policy; Transatlantic Relations; International Politics; EU Institutions and
Governance; American Government; Comparative Politics; Government and Public Administration; Italian
Politics; Contemporary History; Women Leadership in Foreign Policy; Barriers to Gender Equality in the
Workplace; International Education, Public Diplomacy; Cultural Diplomacy.

Recent Publications

Conflict or Convergence: Comparing National Foreign Policies, Brookings Institution Press, forthcoming
2015 (title TBD)
The Foreign Policy of the European Union, Brookings Institution Press, Washington, 2nd rev. ed., 2012 (with I. Angelescu)
Analyzing European Union Politics, Il Mulino, Bologna, 2012 (with K. Eliassen)
Italy and the European Union, Brookings Institution Press, Washington, 2011. Reviewed, among others, by “Charlemagne” in The Economist, 31.7.2010
The Frontiers of Europe: A Transatlantic Problem? Brookings Institution Press, Washington, 2011 (with I. Angelescu)
The Foreign Policy of the European Union, Brookings Institution Press, Washington, 2010
Italy: the country where men die, but bureaucracy remains in Zeff E. & Pirro. E. The European Union and the Member States, 3rd ed, Lynne Rienner Publishers, Boulder, 2015
Transatlantic Foreign Policy in the Obama Years in Bonanno L. (ed.): The Transatlantic Agenda: Public Administration and Policy Prospective, Routledge, NY, 2015
(with Angelescu, I.): The Geopolitical Implications of Future EU Enlargements, in Laursen. F. (ed.): EU
Enlargement: Current Challenges and Strategic Choices, P.I.E. Peter Lang, Brussels, 2013, pp.75-83
Italy and the Lisbon Treaty in Laursen, F. (ed.): The Making of the Lisbon Treaty. The Role of the Member States. Peter Lang AG (2012)
One year on: Assessing the European Foreign Policy and the European External Service (EEAS), “Brown Journal of World Affairs”, Spring/Summer 2011
Italy and the Treaty establishing a European Constitution: the Decline of a middle size power? In Laursen, F. (ed.): Negotiating the Constitutional Treaty, Nijhoff/Brill in Leiden, 2008
Ma l”America è il Far West, L’Unità, 4.12.2015
Is the EU Selling Out to Turkey? Carnegie Europe, 2.12.2015
Pardoning Turkey is the Wrong Move for the EU,, 01.12.2015
After Paris, Why More Europe is Needed, not Less,, 20.11.2015
Is Russia Back on the World Stage? Carnegie Europe, 30.10.2015
Should the West work with Russia on Syria? Carnegie Europe, 16.9.2015
Is the U.S. Wobbly over Ukraine? Carnegie Europe, 27.5.2015
Is the Iran Deal Good for Europe? Carnegie Europe, 9.4.2015
U.S. and New World Order: Why Ukraine Is Not a National Interest and ISIS (And Russia) Are,, 17.2.2015
Perchè la strada per Tripoli passa da Kiev e da una nuova strategia internazionale, Il Rottamatore, 16.2.2015
Italy, Land of Immortals,, 6.2.2015
Can Tusk Boost EU Foreign Policy? Carnegie Europe, 3.12.2014
Harassment in the Workplace: Why the EU and the US must Act,, 26.11.2014
What Berlin (and Brussels) Can Teach Cairo and Washington,, 11.13.2014
To Build or to Destroy: the Berlin Wall and the Future of Europe,, 9.11.2014
A Lame Duck President Calling – will Europe pick up?, E!Sharp, November 2014
Women Leaders in Foreign Policy: will Mrs be better than Lady?,, 1.11.2014
Is TTIP really a Strategic Issue? Strategic Europe, Carnegie Europe, 1.10.2014
Promozione della Lingua Italiana e del Sistema Paese all’estero: Idee per una Public Diplomacy 2.0,, 21.10.2014
Is Europe Naive about Hard Power? Carnegie Europe, 8.10.2014
Women Leaders in Foreign Policy: When Federica Mogherini Found her “Voice”,, 7.10.2014
Is Renzi’s Italy back in the EU Game?, Strategic Europe, Carnegie Europe, 1.10.2014
The Real Meaning of Mogherini, Strategic Europe, Carnegie Europe, 02.09.2014
Matteo ripensaci e chiedi l’immigrazione,, 29.08.2014
Renzi’s Gamble for Smart Europe,, 3.7.2014
Female Leaders in Misogynous Foreign Policy: An Example to Follow,, 30.5.2014
Italy’s New Strength in the European Parliament, E!Sharp, May 2014
Fear Give 40. Renzi’s Magic Number,, 28.5.2014
Ukraine’s Wake-Up call: it is time to invest in renewables,, 29.4.2014

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Italy, Portugal, France, Norway, US, European Union, Belgium

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