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University of Northern Iowa
Biopolitics; Biology and politics; political psychology; language and politics; state politics; American politics; political physiology; public policy; public administration
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Deppe, K.D., Neiman, J.L., Gonzalez, F., Smith, K.B., and Hibbing, J.H. 2015. “Reflective Liberals and Intuitive Conservatives: A Look at the Cognitive Reflection Test and Ideology.” Journal of Judgment and Decision Making.

Neiman, J.L., Gonzalez, F., Wilkinsen, K., Smith, K.B., and Hibbing, J. 2015. “Speaking Different Languages or Reading from the Same Script? Word Usage of Democratic and Republican Politicians.” Political Communication.

Neiman, J.L., Smith, K.B., French, J., Waismel-Manor, I., and Hibbing, J. 2015. “Is Voting at the Polls More Stressful than Voting at Home? A Field Experiment.” PLoS ONE.

PytlikZillig, L., Wang, S., Harris, R., Hutchens, M., Neiman, J.L., and Tomkins, A. 2013. “The Varieties of Individual Engagement (VIE) Scales: Confirmatory Factor Analyses across Two Samples and Contexts.” Journal of Public Engagement.

Smith, K.B, and Neiman, J.L., eds. 2014. State and Local Government, 2014-2015 Edition. Washington, D.C.: CQ Press.

Smith, K.B, and Neiman, J.L., eds. 2013. State and Local Government, 2013-2014 Edition. Washington, D.C.: CQ Press.


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