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United States
Georgetown Univeristy
2016 election, social media, Twitter, Facebook, voting, digital media, political socialization, youth voting, political participation, misinformation
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I’m interested in how people get information about politics, even when they’re not looking for it, and how that helps them to form opinions and make choices about political issues and candidates. I’m particularly interested in the role new media plays in this, with a special emphasis on social media.

Recent Publications

“Politics as Usual? Campaign Broadcast and Social Messaging.” Online Information Review, forthcoming. (Leticia Bode, David Lassen, Young Mie Kim, Dhavan V. Shah, Erika Franklin Fowler, Travis Ridout, Michael Franz).

“Blurred Lines: Defining Social, News, and Political Posts on Facebook.” Journal of Information Technology & Politics, forthcoming. (Emily K. Vraga, Leticia Bode, Sonya Troller-Renfree, & Anne-Bennet Stimson).

“Beyond Self-Reports: Using Eye Tracking to Measure Topic and Style Differences in Attention to Social Media Content .” Communication Methods & Measures, forthcoming. (Emily K Vraga, Leticia Bode, & Sonya Troller-Renfree).

“Politics in 140 Characters or Less: Campaign Communication, Network Interaction, and Political Participation on Twitter.” Journal of Political Marketing. (Leticia Bode and Kajsa Dalrymple). Online first available at

“Political news in the News Feed: Learning politics from social media.” 2016. Mass Communication & Society 19(1), 24-28.

 “In related news, that was wrong: The correction of misinformation through related stories functionality in social media.” 2015. Journal of Communication 65(4), 619-638. (Leticia Bode, Emily K Vraga).;jsessionid=C504C2BB7562D236E910034748B85225.f04t01

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