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University College Cork
Irish politics, voting, elections, referendums
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Irish Politics, Voting Behaviour, Elections and Referendums

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Theresa Reidy and Jane Suiter (2015) ‘Do Rules Matter? Categorizing the Regulation of Referendum Campaigns’. Electoral Studies, 38 (2): 159-169.
Theresa Reidy and Jane Suiter (2015) ‘New Directions in Referendums, Politics and Campaigns’. Electoral Studies, 38 (2): 134-138.
Fiona Buckley and Theresa Reidy (2015) ‘Ballot Paper Design, Evidence From an Experimental Study at the 2009 Local Elections’. Irish Political Studies, 30 (4): 619-640.
Fiona Buckley and Theresa Reidy (2015) ‘Managing the Electoral Process: Insights from, and for, Ireland’. Irish Political Studies, 30 (4): 445-453.
John Considine and Theresa Reidy (2015) ‘Baby-steps: the expanding financial base of local government finance in Ireland’. Administration, 63 (2): 119-145.
Jane Suiter and Theresa Reidy (2014) ‘It’s the campaign learning stupid: An examination of a volatile Irish referendum’. Parliamentary Affairs, 68 (1):182-202.

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