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Boston University
U.S. foreign policy, nuclear proliferation, export controls, the global Cold War, South Asia and Western Europe.
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Jayita Sarkar, an historian by training, is Assistant Professor of International Relations at Boston University’s Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies.

Her research has been published or is forthcoming in the Journal of Strategic Studies, Cold War HistoryInternational History Review, and Critique Internationale, among others. Dr. Sarkar has held fellowships at Harvard, MIT, Columbia and Yale universities, and visiting positions at U.S., European and Asian think tanks. She obtained a doctorate in International History from the Graduate Institute Geneva in Switzerland.

When not in the office, she is to be found dabbling in photography, or on Boston-area bike trails. 

Recent Publications
  • ‘It Isn’t Over Until the Fuel Cell Sings’: A Reassessment of the US and French Pledges of Nuclear Assistance in the 1970s [with Or Rabinowitz]. Journal of Strategic Studies, early view, forthcoming. Link

  • The Making of a Nonaligned Nuclear Power: India’s Proliferation Drift, 1964-1968. International History Review, 37 (2015/5): 933-950. Link

  • ‘Wean them away from French tutelage’: Franco-Indian nuclear relations and Anglo-American anxieties in the early Cold War, 1948-1952, Cold War History, 15 (2015/3): 375-394. Link

  • Les Compatriotes de l’atome: La coopération nucléaire franco-indiennce, 1950-1976, Critique internationale 63 (2014/2): 131-149. Link

  • India’s Nuclear Limbo and the Fatalism of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime, 1974-1983, Strategic Analysis 37 (2013): 322-337. Link

Media Coverage
  • Indian Nuclear History, Frozen in Time, Sources and Methods, Wilson Center’s History and Policy Blog, Jun. 2017. Link

  • Sino-Indian Nuclear Rivalry: Glacially Declassified, Diplomat, Jun. 2017. Link

  • South Asian nuclear tensions: Back to core issues, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Oct. 2016. Link

  • Different kind of crisis, same need for Washington, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Sep. 2016. Link

  • Three concrete steps for a stable nuclear South Asia, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Sep. 2016. Link

  • There’s no nuking Indo-French ties, The Hindu: Business Line, Jun. 2015. Link

  • The Middle Powers’ Congruence: India, France and Nuclear Technology, India in Transition Series, Jun. 2015. Link

  • Time for America to Woo Back Israel, The National Interest (online), Jun. 2015. Link

  • Why India will not be Pakistan 2.0 in U.S. Asia Policy, Foreign Policy (online), Mar. 2015. Link

  • Pakistan, India and China after the U.S. drawdown from Afghanistan, Report for The Stimson Center., Jan. 2015. [co-authored with Rabia Akhtar]. Link

  • India and Israel’s Secret Love Affair, The National Interest (online), Dec. 2014. Link

  • New Delhi’s New Foreign Policy?, Foreign Policy (online), Jun. 2014. Link

  • Behind New Delhi’s Track II paranoia, The Stimson Center’s South Asian Voices, Mar. 2014. Link

  • India’s Impending Strategic Culture Debate, Part I, II, III, The Stimson Center’s South Asian Voices, Feb. 2014. Link

Country Focus
India, Pakistan, United States, France

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