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United Kingdom
University of Nottingham
Gender, feminism, representation, democracy, parliament, development, politics, policy, empowerment, equality, inequality, federalism.
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Dr Spary’s research and teaching focuses on aspects of democratic politics and development, particularly gender, development, political representation and political institutions. She specialises in politics and policy in India.

One previous project has looked at gender and development policy in India since the 1990s at the national and subnational levels. It is concerned with multi-level governance in relation to both development and state feminism: respectively, changing centre-state relations in India in relation to development policy and divergent development policy approaches and outcomes among states, and the state as an internally differentiated collection of institutions, offering complex opportunities and consequences for women’s movements engaging with the state.

Another ongoing research project explores the gender politics of representation in the national parliament of India. It seeks to understand the institutional dynamics affecting the participation of women MPs, the substantive representation of gender in parliament, and the performance of claims to represent. This project is linked to Dr Spary’s wider interest in the performance of gender and political representation including participation in elections and in political institutions, both in India and comparatively.

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