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United States
Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame
Classism, Sexism, Victim Blame, Dehumanization
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Spencer, B. (in press). The impact of class and sexuality-based stereotyping on rape blame. Sexualization, Media, and Society.

Loughnan, S., Haslam, N., Sutton, R., & Spencer, B. (2013). Dehumanization and social class: Animality in the stereotypes of ‘white trash’, ‘chavs’ and ‘bogans. Social Psychology, 45, 54-61.

Spencer, B., Barrett, C., Storti, G., & Cole, M. (2013). “Only girls who want fat legs take the elevator”: Body image in single-sex and mixed-sex colleges. Sex Roles, 69, 469-479.

Castano, E., Leidner, B., Bonacossa, A., Nikkah, J., Perrulli, R., Spencer, B. & Humphrey, N. (2011). Ideology, fear of death, and death anxiety, Political Psychology, 32, 601-621.

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