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Wayne State University
media freedom, surveillance, NSA, censorship, democracy, democratization, public opinion
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New media effects on democratic attitudes and public opinion in democratic development and sustainability.  In particular, attitudes about media freedom, censorship, and online government surveillance.

Methodological expertise: Big data, cross-national surveys, experimental design.

Recent Publications

Stoycheff, E. & Nisbet, E.C. (in press). Differential Effects of Capital-Enhancing and Recreational Internet Use on Citizens’ Demand for Democracy. Communication Research.

Stoycheff, E. (in press). Under Surveillance: Facebook Online Spiral of Silence Effects in the Wake of NSA Internet Monitoring. Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly.

Stoycheff, E. & Nisbet, E.C. (2014). What’s the Bandwidth or Democracy? Deconstructing Internet penetration and citizen attitudes about governance. Political Communication, 31(4), 628-646.

Pingree, R. & Stoycheff, E. (2013). Differentiating Cueing from Reasoning in Agenda Setting Effects. Journal of Communication, 63(5), 852-872.

Nisbet, E.C. & Stoycheff, E. (2013). Let the People Speak: A multi-level model of supply and demand for press freedom. Communication Research, 40(5), 720-741.

Nisbet, E.C., Stoycheff, E. & Pearce, K.E. (2012). Internet use and democratic demands: A multinational, multilevel model of Internet use and citizen attitudes about democracy. Journal of Communication, 62, 249-265.

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