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City University of New York
voting, political participation, community organizing, youth empowerment, education policy, health, community development, cities, participatory budgeting, participatory democracy, civil society, social movements, nonprofits, NGOs
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  • how everyday citizens engage in policy-making and community development—via deliberative democracy, community organizations, and protest and social movements
  • cultural politics of social policy, especially education policy and health policy
  • role of nonprofits and community organizations in social change
  • political participation and civic engagement, especially by youth, immigrants


Recent Publications

Su, Celina. 2014. Participatory budgeting in New York City. Metropolitics, 1 December.

Ospina, Sonia and Celina Su. 2013. Weaving color lines: Race, ethnicity, and the work of leadership in social change organizations. In Joanne Ciulla, Mary Uhl-Bien, and Patricia Werhane (Eds.), Leadership Ethics. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Su, Celina. 2010. Marginalized stakeholders and performative politics: Dueling discourses in education policy-making. Critical Policy Studies, 4(4):362-383.


Muennig, Peter and Celina Su. 2013. Introducing global health: Practice, policy, and solutions. New York: John Wiley & Sons/ Jossey-Bass.

Su, Celina. 2009. Streetwise for book smarts: Grassroots organizing and education reform in the Bronx. New York: Cornell University Press.

Alonso, Gaston, Noel Anderson, Celina Su, and Jeanne Theoharis. 2009. Our schools suck: Students talk back to a segregated nation on the failures of urban education. New York: New York University Press.

Media Coverage



2012. “The People’s Choice,” Rawan Jabaji. PBS Need to Know.


2015. Radio interview on Global Movements, Local Struggles, WBAI Pacifica Radio.


2016. “Why has charter school violence spiked at double the rate of public schools?” George Joseph. The Nation.

2015. “En el Bronx, la desigualdad se aprende en la escuela,” Álvaro Guzmán Bastida. Univision.

2015. “Gender Equity for a Resilient Coffee Supply Chain,” Jenny Neill. Stir, Business Insight on Tea and Coffee.

2015. “Why Don’t We Care About People Who Don’t Look Like Us?,” Anjali Enjeti. AlterNet.

2014. “Artists Put Faces to the Missing Students of Mexico,” Julie Collazo. Hyperallergic.

2012. “Participatory Budgeting Hits New York City,” Elizabeth Whitman. The Nation.


Country Focus
United States, Thailand, Burma/ Myanmar

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