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University of California, Davis
media, news, issue framing, agenda setting, public policy, experiments, political psychology
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Amber Boydstun is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of California, Davis. Her work bridges multiple disciplines, including psychology, journalism, and computer science. Her core research examines the interaction between media and politics, with a focus on how different media portrayals of the same policy issue can prompt citizens and policymakers to respond to that issue in different ways. She uses lab experiments, large-scale media studies, and manual and computational text analysis to study how issues make the news; how issues are “framed” in the news; the dynamics of “media storms”; and how media coverage can shape public opinion and public policy on issues like immigration, gun control, same-sex marriage, and capital punishment. She is author of Making the News (Chicago) and co-author of The Decline of the Death Penalty and the Discovery of Innocence (Cambridge), as well as many journal articles. Boydstun works with scholars across the globe as a member of the Comparative Agendas Project, a collaborative enterprise by political science and policy scholars to measure international government outputs. She serves on the editorial boards for the journal Political Communication, the Text as Data Association, and the Women Also Know Stuff initiative. Most recently, she co-chaired the 2016 Visions in Methodology Conference.

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