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University of Sydney
Political participation, digital movements, social media, young people,
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Loader, B., Vromen, A., Xenos, M. (2014). The Networked Young Citizen: Social Media, Political Participation and Civic Engagement. New York, London: Routledge.
Smith, R., Vromen, A., Cook, I. (2012). Contemporary Politics in Australia: Theories, Practices and Issues. Melbourne, Australia: Cambridge University Press.

Loader, B., Vromen, A., Xenos, M. (2016). Performing for the young networked citizen? Celebrity politics, social networking and the political engagement of young people. Media Culture and Society, , 1-20. [More Information]
Vromen, A., Loader, B., Xenos, M. (2015). Beyond lifestyle politics in a time of crisis?: Comparing young peoples’ issue agendas and views on inequality. Policy Studies, 36(6), 532-549. [More Information]
Vromen, A. (2015). Campaign Entrepreneurs in Online Collective Action: GetUp! in Australia. Social Movement Studies: Journal of Social, Cultural and Political Protest, 14(02), 195-213. [More Information]
Loader, B., Vromen, A., Xenos, M., Steel, H., Burgum, S. (2015). Campus politics, student societies and social media. The Sociological Review, 63(4), 820-839. [More Information]
Vromen, A., Xenos, M., Loader, B. (2015). Young people, social media and connective action: from organisational maintenance to everyday political talk. Journal of Youth Studies, 18(1), 80-100. [More Information]
Xenos, M., Vromen, A., Loader, B. (2014). The great equalizer? Patterns of social media use and youth political engagement in three advanced democracies. Information, Communication and Society, 17(2), 151-167. [More Information]
Loader, B., Vromen, A., Xenos, M. (2014). The networked young citizen: social media, political participation and civic engagement. Information, Communication and Society, 17(2), 143-150. [More Information]
Vromen, A., Coleman, W. (2013). Online Campaigning Organizations and Storytelling Strategies: GetUp! in Australia. Policy and Internet, 5(1), 76-100. [More Information]



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